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Saturday writing, cleaning, and not much else.

First of all, I would just like to start with a question:

Does anyone else find SitePal as hideously creepy as I do? Am I the only one? Bueller?


Now that I have that out of the way, I can get on with my life. ;) I wrote today - and it was difficult. I was a slacker and didn't write my 2p a night for the last two nights. (Idiot, she says in the Napoleon Dynamite voice) I figured that since I have such a good pace going with my book, and I know where I'm heading, I'll just go to town on it on the weekend. But I sat down to write and blanked out. This continued for a few hours, until I packed up and moved to the other computer, and went back and re-read what I had written so far.

Note: For those of you that don't do this trick, you really should. Re-read what you wrote the night before. It truly makes a difference. I started doing that a few books ago and it really helps make the writing less disjointed.

Anyhow, in between checking endless celebrity websites, book websites, Amazon.com, email, and other things, I also cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors and mopped.

The things we do to avoid writing, eh?

But in the end I did manage to squeeze out 3,100 words in the new project, and I should hit 10k on the book tomorrow. To hit my goal of 7k words for the weekend, I need to write 3900 tomorrow. I should be able to do this, but I think I'm going to start out earlier in the day so I'm not all distracted and cranky by the time I get to it.

Michelle Rowen has vowed (on her mailing list) to finish her SHOMI book by August 1st. I think that'll be my deadline for the new book as well. It's a nice, round date a few months out. I think I can, I think I can...

(And is it just me, or is anyone else fascinated by the SHOMI books? I can't wait for them to come out...)

Bookity book book!

Sorry, no zombie post here. If it helps, I felt like one all day at work?

I've been doing good at keeping a small goal for writing. A large part of me wants to still completely abandon any sort of effort and mire myself in videogamelandia, but I've been forcing myself to park it and write at least two pages a day before going nuts in the video games. And it seems to be working (even if I am missing my pfriends on yahoo). My book is coming along really well. Slow, but well. I'm going to attempt to get 7k or so this weekend (between both days) provided that I don't have to work or anything yucky like that.

My husband has vowed to clean our house this weekend. It's probably a good idea, but the effort is just not there on this half of the relationship. ;) I freely admit that I'm lazy.

In other news, I have lots going on in RL. Some super-exciting stuff (hey, at least for me!) that I will share once things are finalized. Some writing, some not.

My ARC copy of Soul Song has not come in the mail yet. *mourn* I check my mailbox every day for Marjorie-goodness and every day, alas. Disappointment. The library has a book on hold for me, so we shall see what they have!

Can't wait for Friday. Sure, I was off work Tuesday (and it's only Wednesday), but it doesn't matter. Friday Friday Friday!

I wrote 3k! *happy dance*

I wrote 3k today! It was a good 3k, even. Yay!

The problem is, it was on a new book. But it's not really a problem, because I intended to write this one. I *need* to write this one. I cannot say more, but when I can, I promise I will bore the world with metrics.

And I cannot say more about it right now, but suffice to say I am happy with what I got. The beginning is sexay, the plot is being set up, and the voice is screaming off the page. I'm quite happy.

And it's still early enough to play around on video games! *loves the weekend*

I'm going to try to get another 2k throughout the work-week. That means about 2 pages a night, and I should hit it. I can do that.

Small goals to work myself back in without feeling pressured. Nooo problem.

How's everyone else's writing going? magicnoire ?jmeadows ? morewineplease ? raecarson ?

In other news, I spent 5 hours yesterday re-reading Sex Starved, and was impressed at how clean of a manuscript it is. Sure, there's ugly spots, and there's a lot of 'no doubts' that show up which make me cringe, but it's not bad. I still liked it, and I thought it was a clever book (or maybe I just think I'm more clever than I really am). We shall see. Anyway, I marked up a lot of potential trouble-spots, so I'll hit those at some point.

I've also printed up Betrothed to re-read through, though I might wait a few days on that. I really gave myself a headache with the hardcore reading yesterday. Reading for edits should be savored. Slowly. Yeah. Something like that.