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Things I should not promise to do:

1) Blog ‘tomorrow’.

2) Promise to run a contest on a Monday.

Seriously y’all. I am drowning in work. I know that’s not an excuse, but that’s what it is. Until I catch up, blogging will be sporadic.

So in the MEANTIME, I’m going to hold a contest anyhow. Starting now!

Not in regards to my bookmarks – I was going to have everyone guess how many man-nipples are on my bookmarks, but since I still can’t share cover art (it’ll be ready someday, I promise!), I figured I’d go with something else. So! Contest! Answer these 3 questions in the comments:

1) Mantitty makes me happy – Yes/No (and tell me why)

2) True or False: I could potentially find a were-bear hero sexy. (and tell me why)

3) I cannot wait for the book _______ to come out! (and tell me why)

 That’s it (and you really don’t have to tell me why, though I admit I’m curious about all three).

Answer those in the comments thread and I’ll draw a random winner in about a week or so.

The prize? $25.00 to Amazon.com. So if you can order on Amazon.com, you can enter the contest.

easy? peasy? go!

(For the record, my friend Jane says a werebear cannot possibly be sexy. I think they can, but I could be wrong. So that’s why I’m asking. That, and I’m weird.)

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RWA Quickie Recap and More

Hi all!

I’m back from RWA safe and sound, though I still feel like I’m in recovery mode. I didn’t forget about the contest (never fear!) but I’m going to need the weekend to finish catching up and mentally processing everything.


RWA was awesome, as usual. I missed all of the PAN track, almost all of the panels, but I had some really great meetings, caught up with friends, and basically handed a bookmark to anyone that was even remotely interested. The consensus? My covers are smoking hot, and the hero on the second cover might or might not have a baseball in his pants. I’m just saying.


I actually got to fly home first class, too! That was a first for me. When I went to check in with the airline, a message popped up on the screen. “Would you like to upgrade to first class for $135?”  This is like asking, “Would you like a free cookie with your frappucino?” or “Would you like a two-book contract instead of just one?” Total no brainer. Naturally, I said yes! So I got into my fancy first-class seat and…what a difference! Leg room galore, a blanket to keep me warm, and a nice little table separating me from my seatmate. There were even earphones, a TV, and breakfast. Unfortunately, I missed all of that since I totally passed out and fell asleep before the plane had even left the dock.


As soon as I got home…copyedits on book two were waiting for me! So I finished those…and went back to work, where my boss said “Oh good! You’re back! Here’s three projects!”


Story of my life. J So I’ve been a bit swamped. But! I am trying to dig my way out. I’m planning on a few more zombie fairy tales within the next month, and as long as I have publisher permission, I’m going to serialize the dinosaurs-conquistadors-Bermuda-Triangle romance. I’m thinking one chapter a week until it’s done, but we’ll see how much editing it needs.


So that’s the not so exciting, tl;dr update of my life. I’ll be back on Monday or so with the contest. Trying to decide if I want to give away signed books that I snagged at RWA or an Amazon gift certificate. Thoughts?

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Contest Alert!! Win Free Books!

November 4th is a very important day. Not only is it Election Day in the US, but it happens to be the release day of the long-awaited DEMON BOUND by Meljean Brook.


I read an early incarnation of this novel and I have to say that it’s my favorite of the guardian series thus far. I started out skeptical of the hero/heroine dynamic – I mean, on one hand we have a prissy ‘cougar’ (Alice the Guardian) who hangs around with spiders and likes to scare men. On the other hand, we have the hero (Mmmm, Jake!!) who is young, brash, and too cute for words. They don’t seem like a natural match at all…and yet Meljean brings them together beautifully. I LOVED it. This installment of the Guardians series also brings a few new twists to the forefront, and this is the first book in which we have some Guardian-on-Guardian action. LONG overdue, I tells ya.

Anyhow, I digress. I’ve been squeeing about this book for a long time, and since Meljean is promoting heavily on her blog, I thought I’d interview her for mine.

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So there are two books to give away (one signed!) for the best Loljean photo. One copy to give away for spreading the word. Do it by Monday night at Midnight!!!

May the best LOL win!