Jill Myles (irysangel) wrote,
Jill Myles

Snuggiewatch: T-minus 8 days

There is a somewhat large, somewhat light box under the tree. I am optimistic that I have worn the husband down and he has relented to his “No Snuggie” rule. We shall see! *rubs hands gleefully*

In other news, I was having quite possibly one of the worst weeks I have had all year, but a few things made it better.

1) A tower of chocolate from Ilona Andrews. She is a freaking godsend. I definitely needed chocolate today.

2) My editor sent me a real, live, advanced copy of my book! I have to admit, I’m not the most sentimental person but I totally teared up at the sight of it. There were times that I thought this book would never make it onto the shelf, so to hold it in my hands, all pretty and with foil on the title…I choked up. Just a little.

3) Two amazing reviews on the Bitten by Books website. The whole thing is still new to me, y’all, so each review posted makes me giddy. Both books got a great rating, and even better than that, a really great review. Did I mention I’ll be over there tomorrow, answering questions and chatting? There’s still time to enter and win a free copy of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi!

(I know, I know, so much promo. Bear with me, though!)

After all that, my mood perked a little. And it perked even more when my husband framed my book covers and hung them on the wall for me. He’s a good man.

SO. YOU GUYS. I know I have a lot of aspiring authors reading (still? i hope?) Starting at my book release, I’ll be doing a blog tour. More deets as I go, but there will be a contest. The prize? My terribly wonderful and far-too-nice-for-her-own-good agent has offered to be a prize! That’s right. If you follow the book tour, you can win a chance at feedback on your query letter from Holly Root.

Kind of nifty, right?

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