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Saturday writing, cleaning, and not much else.

First of all, I would just like to start with a question:

Does anyone else find SitePal as hideously creepy as I do? Am I the only one? Bueller?


Now that I have that out of the way, I can get on with my life. ;) I wrote today - and it was difficult. I was a slacker and didn't write my 2p a night for the last two nights. (Idiot, she says in the Napoleon Dynamite voice) I figured that since I have such a good pace going with my book, and I know where I'm heading, I'll just go to town on it on the weekend. But I sat down to write and blanked out. This continued for a few hours, until I packed up and moved to the other computer, and went back and re-read what I had written so far.

Note: For those of you that don't do this trick, you really should. Re-read what you wrote the night before. It truly makes a difference. I started doing that a few books ago and it really helps make the writing less disjointed.

Anyhow, in between checking endless celebrity websites, book websites, Amazon.com, email, and other things, I also cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors and mopped.

The things we do to avoid writing, eh?

But in the end I did manage to squeeze out 3,100 words in the new project, and I should hit 10k on the book tomorrow. To hit my goal of 7k words for the weekend, I need to write 3900 tomorrow. I should be able to do this, but I think I'm going to start out earlier in the day so I'm not all distracted and cranky by the time I get to it.

Michelle Rowen has vowed (on her mailing list) to finish her SHOMI book by August 1st. I think that'll be my deadline for the new book as well. It's a nice, round date a few months out. I think I can, I think I can...

(And is it just me, or is anyone else fascinated by the SHOMI books? I can't wait for them to come out...)
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