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Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

So I've been a total slacker when it comes to reading lately, but I did manage to finish reading MAGIC BITES by my bud ilona_andrews.

For those of you hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, MB is the story of Kate Daniels, a mercenary and loner in an Atlanta that seems post-apocalyptic, if the apocalypse were like, magical and stuff. Yeah. It's a kick-ass setting. She takes real settings and turns them upside down, and has a complete world built around her setting. I felt it was a completely fleshed world, rather than the usual "Oh, let's give this guy Magik Powerz!" and stick him in the middle of Random-West-Coast-City. I liked that this was set in the South (and the joke about the gravy made me crack up, because I totally know how that is) and that she's the kind of girl that sits on her back porch and drinks Boone's Farm.

The book starts out with the death of someone that was once close to Kate, and she feels obligated to hunt down his murderers (as well as garner herself a paycheck). I really admired Kate's motivation in this book, because that's something I always struggle with. Another thing I noticed is that every sentence is absolutely necessary. There is no extraneous dialogue or description in this book. It jarred me for a few pages, but then I grew into it after I realized that this is how Kate is (and the book is in 1st Person POV). There is no fluff in Kate's world, and the writing aptly conveys that.

(Did I mention how much I liked the setting yet? no? Because I love this magic-wave stuff. It totally kicked my ass with it's coolness. I wish I'd thought of that.)

And now I feel I must wax poetic about Curran. Because, dayum. If Kate's the narrator, Curran absolutely steals the show (in my eyes). He's enough of a sexy independent asshole to totally hook me, and I kept reading to see more about Curran. Total girl-crush on this end. From the moment he walked on the page, I was mentally taking the Kate paper-doll and the Curran paper-doll (note that the paper dolls are just in my brain) and making them mug down on each other. In my mind, these two made out more than you can possibly believe (well, maybe not jp_rich because she knows me too well) and I near about cried tears of joy when they (CENSORED FOR SPOILERS).

Alas, she left me wanting more.

I demand the next cover have human-Curran on the cover. Preferably with some man-titty. ilona_andrews, make it so!

All in all, a very fun, very clever read. I know I keep saying that it's a smart book, but that's because it is. I never felt talked-down to, and I never wanted to smack the shit out of Kate for being TSTL (For those of you not familiar with romance, that's Too-Stupid-To-Live). The story's well thought out, moves along fast, and features a few things I've never seen in urban fantasy before, which I thought was fascinating.

Okay, and that's all I shall say, because someone's going to think I'm being paid at this rate.
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