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I am *SO* tired and it is only Tuesday. Will never make it to the end of this week.

I want to edit UNNATURAL (I have an unnatural -- ha! -- urge to poke it lately) but am too tired. Will blog about what I've read lately.

52 Books In A Year -- AGAIN!

1. SOMEWHERE I'LL FIND YOU by Lisa Kleypas
2. TEMPTRESS by Lisa Jackson
3. THE RAVEN PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoyt+
4. UNTIL YOU by Judith McNaught+
5. SOMETHING WONDERFUL by Judith McNaught+

SOMEWHERE was standard Lisa Kleypas fare. Not as good as her recent stuff (I still hold a torch for DEVIL IN WINTER) but a fast, easy read that made me love the romance genre. She's good at making me love romance novels. TEMPTRESS by Lisa Jackson...well. I gave this a try because she's written a lot of medievals, so I figured if I liked her stuff, I have a whole 'nother author's backlist to dig through. Try as I might, though, I just couldn't get into it. The story was SO teeth-grittingly boring. Shame. The cover was pretty. *shallow*

THE RAVEN PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoyt is a first novel. I expected to hate it. A lot. I expected to mock it and tell all my friends to mock it (well, mebbe not). The first few pages were slow and the heroine showed shades of brainlessness (which made me screech in terror)...but then I kept reading. And reading. And then I devoured this book. It was totally awesome, y'all. It's set in Georgian England (for the non-nerds out there, that's before Regency/Napoleon) when people wore tricorns and Americans were still 'those dirty colonists'. You don't see a lot of romances in this setting (and the title and book-cover certainly didn't make me think it would be that either). Anna's a dorky little widow who needs some money, and the Earl's a pompous bastard (aren't they all?) who needs a secretary. The plot's a little contrived, but as soon as Anna stops being the nerdy widow and heads into the whorehouse to get her some good ol' Earl loving (I didn't spoil it, they talk about it on the back of the dang book), I found myself glued to the thing. I think the characterization in this one was really good. Anna's not all wide-eyed and innocent and "OMG I have boobies?" like most nubile romance novel virgins heroines and she's not all Feminist/Man-Hater either. There's usually not a happy medium between the two in Romance-landia. The Earl (who's name escapes me...I'm terrible with recall) is a great character. He's all pockmarked and a real bastard to everyone and reminded me quite a bit of House in personality.

Anyway, it works. I'm still puzzled by the whole Raven Prince portion of the book, because it wasn't nearly as significant as the title made me think it would be. But anyhow. Good romance read. Go get it, Jenny. ;)

Oh, and dude. I totally forgot to mention that I found the love scenes in this one a little bit...oogy despite the other general goodness of the book. I know Hoyt was trying to be all 'period' and stuff, but when they're having sex and he's touching her 'arse' it makes me giggle. Oh, and they used a few other words for anatomy that make me shudder. But not bad enough to put down the book, mind you.

I read UNTIL YOU and SOMETHING WONDERFUL back to back (both re-reads) and I realized that Judith McNaught totally writes Hollywood. She gives her heroines pets, makes them play with local children, and every other plot trick you can think of to make them 'endearing'. That Judith is one smart cookie. That being said, the heroes are always jaded, cynical SOBs that are in bed with their mistresses at the beginning of the novel, talking about how jaded they are (themselves, not the mistresses). I also realized that Judith likes the same plot over and over again. Wide-eyed country innocent meets cynical man and falls in love. Love goes sour (momentarily). They fight, she exerts her independence, and he does Something Terrible to her to break her spirit. When she remains unbroken but has fallen out of love with him, he does Something Romantic to bring her back to him. It doesn't work, so he becomes Cynical again. Book closes with heroine grovelling on hands and knees to show hero how much she really wants him.

Weird, yo. What's even weirder is that it works so well. I totally love anything Judith McNaught writes, even if it is weird to have (almost) every book open up with a bedroom scene between hero and mistress, and end with the heroine prostrating herself for Lurv.

I think I'm reading something by Madeline Hunter next. I think.

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