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Hi everyone! Thought I’d step out of my writing cave to address some of the questions I’m getting in email (but haven’t had a chance to answer yet). I’m behind on everything! This should not be a surprise, as I’m always behind! But there is a good reason behind it! So let’s jump right in…


When is the next Billionaire Boys Club book coming out?

April 2014! It’s called Once Upon a Billionaire.

Who is it about?

It’s Griffin Verdi (the stuffy one!) and his heroine is Maylee. I’m having so much fun tossing these two societal opposites together. You have no idea! Griffin Verdi must return to his European home country for the wedding of the century, but at the last minute, his assistant can’t go. He’s up a creek, and turns to his friends for assistance…and gets Maylee, country girl recently turned administrative assistant. They are so fun together.


Is Daphne going to be Cade’s heroine? I hate her!

While Daphne plays a big role in Cade’s love life, she is not his heroine. Daphne needs a lot more redeeming before she’s ready to star in her own book.  You have not met Cade’s heroine yet, but you will like her. I promise!


Will the Billionaire books be in print?

Yes! Starting in 2014, they’ll be going to print. I want to say that they’ll be mass market, but I’m not entirely sure, so don’t quote me! When I have official dates, I’ll let everyone know.


I’m in the UK and I can’t find your Billionaire books! WTF!

The UK bought rights to the Billionaire series and will be producing their own editions, so right now they’re temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned! As soon as I have updates, I will pass them on.


What’s this LAST HIT business I see you mention every now and then?

lasthit-smallOh, Last Hit! It’s such a pet project of mine. So, basically I am friends with Jen Frederick. We chat via email. I told her one day that I wanted to

write a hitman book. She, being an evil villain of an author, suggested I do it. I plotted it out mentally…and then got scared, because I felt like it was ‘too far’ out of my normal type of story. After all, if you write about a hitman, he shouldn’t cuddle kittens all day, should

he?  He needs to be gritty and real and dark.

So I put it off. Jen asked me about it again a few weeks later, and I can’t remember how we got on the topic, but she said I NEEDED to write it. I said, “Fine, I’ll write it, but you have to co-write it with me.”

She replied with a page of the hero’s POV that sent flutters through my heart. THROUGH MY HEART, YOU GUYS.

From there, both of us were hooked. I’ve always wanted to co-author a book with a friend, and this was so much fun! It ended up being an intense book, but one we’re both proud of. It clocks in at over 100k, is written from the perspective of both the hero and the heroine, and comes out December 2nd.

And here’s the Goodreads page.  It’s not available for pre-order because it will be self published, but when it’s available, you’ll hear lots of excited screaming from this end, trust me.


When is the next Games book coming out?

Reindeer Games will be a novella coming out just before Christmas in a self-published anthology with two other authors. Dates are a bit wiggly on that but I’ll post more when I have it (see a recurring theme?) After that, sometime in the spring, will be Body Games, in which we go back to Endurance Island, but things are a little different this time around…

I don’t have firm dates on it yet because I’ve got a few deadlines I have to get out of the way before I can tackle it.

experts guideWhere is the next Bluebonnet book? You promised Grant and Brenna’s story!

I did! It’s coming out January 7th! It’s called The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild.


Your website is out of date.

Dude. I know. It’s so embarrassing. I’m working on it! I’m going to try and get it updated this week. My email is still weeks behind, though (same old, same old).

My god, woman. Why do you write so much?

I’m kind of a workaholic and I have no children. So…yeah. :)


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Dec. 28th, 2013 11:07 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! More books of yours coming out. I can't wait until April for the next Billionaire book - my favorite of your series, though I like all of them. :)
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